Jagger and Me

18th Trial: Time well spent is to be honored!

Weekly hours spent writing or in the pursuit of plot:  3 Hours

Weekly Choice of Tea: A Wisconsin Blend

Biggest Success:  A shift in Mentality

Tonight I write by candle light, with hot tea and a dog at my feet. I have lately been remiss in expressing my state of being, my true state at least. How lucky am I, to have those around me care enough to bring to light how wrong my line of thinking has been the past few blog posts? I had no idea how I came across to my readers, that calling my hours spent in writing as ‘feeble’ and a ‘failure’ were showing a state of me rejecting my own passion, and were simply depressing! Let me with haste correct my mistake! For as I am allowing the time to write waver and falter, I am writing weekly. And though it may take me longer, am I not making a dream come true? How easy is it to see small progress as small, irrelevant, and of little weight? You can now see my mistake—I am writing. I AM WRITING. I am on chapter four, and my story continues to develop.


Look at that little squirrel taking a bath. So small, and so impact-full in its ridiculous cuteness and dependancy. The small qualities in our life fill up the time between work and obligations, and it is that that is most exciting. So consider this my turn in mentality, my shift in perspective. We all just need to perceive what is around us as out-of-this-world big, and make large what is small, make great our successes and our abilities to grow. I went to Ohio this past weekend and met that small squirrel, who I called Jagger after recently going to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. So much of that museum was educational, in the origins of rock and roll, in the art of Les Paul, and in how incredibly alike my Aunt Peggy reenacts Mick Jagger on stage. She has a talent I took for granted! And, Mick Jagger is English. Something more British always helps one’s perspective!

And so here I am, successfully squeezing in time to write on my drive home, and that one hour was an hour towards accomplishing my dream. There is nothing minimal or restricting in that. You go me!

writing in car