Numerous Ways I may Have Offended a Brit

9th Trial: Relaxing. Not letting other plans devour my time from relaxing and working on my novel

Weekly hours spent writing or in pursuit of plot: 5 hours

Weekly choice of tea :  Turmeric and Ginger

Greatest Success: Brainstorming on our next adventure!! And setting a deadline:  by December 2015, have 6 chapters done

My desire for something more British and the after effects of traveling to Britain itself, are lasting still. I have been typing up chapter two since my return, one to remember where I was when I left for vacation, and secondly to infuse a poetic feel in the sentence structures. I am so happy that I recently went to England; the very air there seems to infuse your language with poetic winds. And already, while typing up the chapter have I altered so many silly descriptions, so many awkward transitions. I do laugh at the thought of me over there, so desperate to be more poetic, to talk the way they do, and to just be more British! Here are instances of me trying maybe a little too hard to fit in, or rather things I almost did:

1. Speaking, though earnestly, in a British accent that sounds mildly Irish
2. Asking location to Platform 9 3/4 (obvious)
3. Dropping “H”s down in Soho Square
4. Wearing gym shoes. Anywhere.
5. Calling tea, “Tay”….its just not quite right
6. Asking for Watson at the hospital
7. Using “bloody” in the wrong descriptive tense. EX: I want a bloody Pims!  (seems wrong)
8. Completely oblivious that Syphilis reigned supreme in certain historical contexts
9. “Brazen Hussy!” -Rex Harrison

10. During a speech, call them “Proper Society”  (yes, it brought an awkward laugh)

11.  Waiting to order Guinness as the last in the line of drink orders

I am too excited to finish typing up this chapter and begin chapter 3 this week. Chapter three will have to be written while I am outside, as it mainly will be a description of a new town the character has moved into, a town that I would love to model after Noda, where I live now. There is so much lively characteristics about this small town that has the perfect background for my story, and because it is part of me. Anyone who knows me well enough will see me in all parts of the story, it is hard to disassociate myself from it. And frankly, I don’t have a desire to. I am writing this not to become a literary master of imagination, but for it to mirror my passions and my opinions; my admirations and my happiness. And as it is Father’s day today, I must admit one thing–my father can truly look forward to seeing parts of himself throughout the characters. I have many influences in my life, and he is one that will be illustrated. I have never met a man so funny and compassionate, so cool and yet so dorky. I love him for his mannerisms and his carefree nature. I love him for his love for everyone and everything. To beginning chapter three, and to my amazing father!

My Father and I at my graduation from Chiropractic School

My Father and I at my graduation from Chiropractic School