Downton Abbey at Biltmore

3rd Trial: Feeling the back drag of accomplishing a milestone

Weekly hours spent writing or in the pursuit of plot: 4.5 hours

Weekly choice of Tea: Chamomile

Greatest Success:  Discovering the daily work life of lobster fishermen, and words like “shedder”, “stringer”, and “bait drums”!!

 IMG_3204    IMG_3226

Procrastination is one word that I want to make sure I don’t use too often. Last week was a huge success–I had laid the beginning chapter to rest, ready to start chapter two–which is ultimately a whole new world. I was feeling ahead of the game, and felt an inexcusable desire to relish in it. And so a week passed in that attitude, and little progress was made. As anyone who has been into the ocean, trying to swim into shore: there is always a wave that pushes you forward, and the ease of that moment is a luxury. You don’t have to kick and pull so hard. And then the back drag comes that is expected and unfailing, holding you back until the next wave comes. One chapter is nothing, and its back drag teaches me that accomplishing a milestone only means that you have to work harder for the next one, that it doesn’t get easier, and it shouldn’t. As each chapter will pass, so will the complexity of the story increase, surfacing the need to know more of the characters, and the need to illustrate the morals you wish to exhibit. This is hardly a time to take a break and relish in ill-defined successes!

And for my blog I selected gorgeous photos taken this weekend at the Biltmore House, a place where I placed pencil down and ran off to, where I saw the amazing story of Downton Abbey displayed. I found it incredible the ability of a show, through fashion alone, to display social change that came after World War I at an impressive rate. My taste for something more British was again satisfied seeing the romantic story displayed in front of me! At its winery I met an incredible woman from Germany, who has lived in the states for around 30 years now. She is a creative writer that whistled the same tune:  it is hard to find the time to write! How I can empathize with her! And what advice did I give her? Create a blog!


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