HOW To Finish Your Damn Book

I read this article and thought—OK, I am not as lost as I thought, having many things in the works that she said would be helpful in writing a novel. Mainly and most importantly, write something you want to read yourself, that you feel passion for–which I am happy to conclude that I do in fact desire to read already what I have written. And secondly, I love the idea of making milestones, such as chapters, and after a chapter is finished, print it out. Do not edit as you go, but see it stack on itself. More importantly, reading this I am truly ASHAMED at how little time I am allotting to this goal of writing a novel! This is a passion, so time to get passionate!!!


At the beginning of this year I wrote a post for that treasure trove of writing and publishing information,, about why you should finish your damn book. You can read that post here. It proved really popular. So popular that it seems to me like a lot of you are in the same place I was until last summer: wanting nothing more than to have finished your book, but finding yourself doing everything but writing it.

It’s all well and good for me to tell you why you should finish your book (nutshell: a finished book is the one thing everyone who ever got published/successfully self-published has in common) but how do you do it? How do you overcome procrastination? How do you finish your damn book?

I only know what worked for me, but maybe you’ll find something in there that works for you. Let’s see…


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